JaneAnne Murray

JaneAnne Murray is a skilled advocate with over twenty five years of experience representing clients in complex criminal, regulatory and civil matters. She has defended individuals in many sensitive and high-profile investigations and proceedings, and has tried over twenty five jury trials as lead counsel. She has handled major matters involving insider trading, securities fraud, bank fraud, insurance fraud, money laundering, RICO violations, computer and Internet-related crimes, tax offenses, embezzlement, terrorism, bribery and obstruction of justice.

Ms. Murray brings impressive advocacy and negotiating skills to all stages of a criminal proceeding. On numerous occasions, through meticulous investigation, marshaling of the facts and presentation of mitigating circumstances, she has successfully persuaded prosecutors to refrain from indicting her clients, to dismiss pending charges or to offer very favorable plea bargains. In trial cases, she has creatively and vigorously litigated discovery, suppression, dismissal and evidentiary motions, tirelessly investigated defenses, and won a substantial number of acquittals. At sentencing, she has frequently challenged sentencing guideline calculations with success and, hiring mitigation specialists where appropriate, she has achieved a substantial number of sentences below the applicable sentencing guideline.Murray’s extensive experience at the trial level makes her a uniquely effective appellate and post-conviction advocate. She is adept at identifying and developing novel and creative legal arguments. She has argued numerous appeals and post-conviction motions, securing many notable reversals, sentence reductions and releases.


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